A proposed 16 metre 5G mast could go up on Church Street (A56) in Altrincham if approved by Trafford Planning Committee.


The mast will be much taller than the houses in the area and will look out of place with the street scene, noise pollution from the mast will cause residents sleep problems.

Although the planning committee has always gone with the NPPF like its a religious book they have missed section 185 which clearly states:

Planning policies and decisions should also ensure that new development is appropriate for its location taking into account the likely effects (including cumulative effects) of pollution on health, living conditions and the natural environment, as well as the potential sensitivity of the site or the wider area to
impacts that could arise from the development. In doing so they should:

  • Mitigate and reduce to a minimum potential adverse impacts resulting from noise from a new development and avoid noise giving rise to significant adverse impacts on health and the quality of life
  • Identify and protect tranquil areas which have remained relatively undisturbed by noise and are prized for their recreational and amenity value for this reason
  • Limit the impact of light pollution from artificial light on local amenity, intrinsically dark landscaped and nature conservation

Some residents are very savvy and know about the health impacts of 5G frequencies and its millimetre wave antennas that will be everywhere in the next year or two, they are also understanding of the issues it will have on pets and wildlife.

For councillors who are not understanding about the process of building a 5G mast, an engineer draws up a line of sight for a mast, it takes a lot of time planning the masts location, to ask a network to look for another site is not going to happen.

This mast though has many objections and with a councillor objection and with NPPF section 185 something Councillor Jerrome should have known this mast should be refused.

You can read all about this mast in more detail by clicking here and use reference number 106579

(Front cover and in Gallery image via Google Maps)