At a council meeting this evening (26 January 2022) Trafford councillors spoke about air pollution and the Clean Air Zone)


According to Clean Air Cities and other sources, Trafford’s air quality is worse than the North West average and on some days goes beyond what the World Health Organisation has set as the legal limit.

Councillor New who made a record-breaking day for appearing in two live meetings! and unless the sun had been shining in our eyes has never spoken about air pollution, her ward has really poor air quality on a daily basis and is down to local industry and the number of vehicles on the road.

She is correct that many diseases come from air pollution and kills thousands a year here in Manchester, however, what has she done in her area to reduce pollution? in her time as councillor has she done anything?


The truth is she has done nothing that we can see, and the other two councillors in Partington as we have said before have supported all the housing developments and not just in Partington and Carrington, we ask did they not think about the pollution all this will cause, and only now two of these councillors are trying to cover up the cracks and make it sound like they actually care!

Air pollution is not just NO2 it’s particulates, its sulphur dioxide and Ozone, in 2018 Cross Lane Park in Partington recorded the highest Ozone in its history, Particulates (PM 2.5) is the killer! do you ever hear any of these councillors talk about this? you see they have no knowledge of Air Pollution instead get the data from Defra which is almost always wrong.

Data from Trafford’s own Air Quality tubes which can be found in only a few places record only NO2 from what we have learnt, this of course is a gas we should not be breathing in, however, PM 2.5 is what they should be testing for, and data given to councillors.

Particulates is like fine dust as that will go right through to your lungs if breathed in, even if you breathe through your nose! it is so fine you need a microscope to see it, other things that can be breathed in on the roadside is the fine rubber particles from tyres.

We call upon the council to introduce a ‘Safety Alert’ when pollution is very high like it has been for a couple of weeks due to the weather conditions, this would help prevent many deaths or asthma which is on the rise.

The Clean Air Zone has been paused, we think this will do nothing to help until the industry cleans up its act, and councillors fully understand what Air Pollution is and that Defra is not as accurate as first thought, we also think the APNR cameras are an invasion of our privacy and should be taken down.

Clean AIr Zone could work with a new start, a better worked out system that actively helps people to comply not the other way, lots to be done for these councillors and whilst they argue more people are dying and needlessly so.