Filming was taking place today at Walton Sports Centre in Sale for a sporting commercial by a well known brand.


We spoke to a member of staff on the set and was told filming was for a sporting commercial which later we found out was apparently for a new deodorant for Sure.

Some of those appearing on the set of the advert came outside, one disabled man went to a van and was wearing Manchester City kit, another individual was seen in a Manchester City hoody.

Security was tight and was not happy with anyone’s presence, some photographers were also ushered away, so what we got gave a glimpse of what was going on inside the sports centre, we also currently have a photographer at the filming location and may have more footage to bring you later.

It is great for Sale that we have lots of filming in the area, in recent times Peter Kaye and Sian Gibson were seen making the hit comedy Car Share, other productions have been made in the area.

The owner of the small sports centre would have made a few quid out of this so it was a win win day and hope for more filming in Sale in the near future.