A yellow warning has been issued by the Met Office for a very windy end to Sunday here in Manchester.

The storm called ‘Corrie’ the second one of the weekend is due to be at its strongest at around midnight and will see 40 mph gusts of wind this could reach up to 55 mph in exposed places.

Saturday’s storm called Malik hit Trafford during the morning in which one very large tree fell onto a road in Altrincham which caused delays for motorists as police shut the road.

Having two storms so close together in one weekend is rare.

The winds tonight will further weaken trees and branches which could bring some of them down during the night possibly causing chaos for traffic during rush hour.

In Walton Park in Sale one tree came down and crashed into others during a storm  Kenan, the wind gusts were just under 40mph that day.

Batten the hatches as the saying goes because tonight is set to be a wild one.