Police have confirmed a man in his 20’s has been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault after Manchester United suspend Mason Greenwood following allegations on social media.


mages were initially posted by the woman which showed her to have a large cut under her lip and bruises to her body, these pictures were then deleted.

At this time of wild speculation, it is best people do not jump to conclusions despite the horrific pictures and audio that was published, the facts of what happened have not yet been published and we will update you on the very latest news when we get it.

Manchester United have not made any statement on the website however they have stated on social media saying “We do not condone any violence of any kind.” and earlier mentioned they have suspended Greenwood from all playing and training with the club until all the facts are known.
Rape sadly is on the increase and so is physical violence against women, if you are a woman reading this or if you know someone who needs help, you can click here and you can get help with domestic abuse on this Link

No woman should ever have to put up with this and we fully support all organisations that are helping people at this time.