Chancellor Rishi Sunak has today tried to help people with the expected huge increases in energy bills this April set to be as much as £693 extra per year.

Ofgem themselves today raised the price cap which means the most vulnerable in society and even those in low paid jobs will be hit the hardest.

Everyone will get 2 payments, £200 towards your energy bill and £150 off your council tax bill, sounds great right? well no its rubbish, that £200 will have to be repaid over four years.

The chancellor told journalists that he expected the prices of energy to fall in April next year which would be a miracle.

People who work will see the free! £150 knocked off the council tax bill this April so that should help out even though we all know Council Tax is a complete rip off.

National minimum wage also rises soon which Sunak said would give someone £1200 more in the pocket, this will help only slightly since everything else is going through the roof, mobile phone bills almost 10% more this year, food prices up, and just about everything else.

Labour reacted buy saying the scheme to help people was more of a “pay now pay later” idea, they would have ended VAT on bills meaning people would automatically have £200 wiped of the bills, just before the chancellor came with his statement shell announced a profit of £20bn, Labour would have taxed them meaning an end to fuel poverty.

So we have to now look at spending and where savings can be made, people on payment meters are already being ripped off, now they are having to face the reality of either keeping the lights on or going hungry.

Foodbanks will help many people after April and expect them to be very busy as the poorest in society has yet again been let down by this out of control government that looks after the rich and stands on the heads of the poor, a shameful way to govern.