A new care home and housing development likely to be flats will be coming to Partington if the proposal is approved at a Trafford Planning Meeting.


We understand both developments will be built on green belt land near to Partington Shopping Centre, we believe it will be next to the doctors on Central Road, this will also mean the car park will be gone and depending on the design could see the passage to Moss Lane blocked which would be an issue for local people.

At this time registered providers are in contact with the council and expect an application to go through later this year.

The application gives everyone a chance to object or approve and will be likely to be seen at a live planning meeting which of course its chair is Partington councillor Aidan Williams who himself has approved many of the housing developments in the area.

People will object though once in the application phase due to the development’s being proposed to be built on green belt land, Partington’s green belt is being destroyed bit by bit, once its gone, it is gone forever.

We have asked Trafford Planning for more information on these developments and once we get a reply this article will be updated.

(Cover photo Partington via google maps)