The start of the end of Russian president Putin’s regime as he took the wrong move by invading Ukraine.

On a day where we saw nothing but normality in many parts of Ukraine it might have seemed like some bizarre lie, it was far from that in other parts of Ukraine where air raid sirens were heard and operations by the Russian army to take over Ukraine military basis and airports.

Live streams on TikTok shown innocent people cowering in houses being blasted by a low flying fighter jet, we saw blue flashes and smoke billowing out in the night time sky, loud distant bombing clearly heard, we knew innocent people will have been killed, and what for?

Putin did not have to do this, indeed he could just pull the plug and end things to possibly save his political career, If he continues this he is finished either way, already we see Russian people becoming restless and very unhappy with Putin and are now protesting in his home land.

Russian people are really nice people, they do not want war, they like all of us just want to get on with things after a dreadful two years with Covid, even if the statistics in Russia was more accurate than that of the UK.

It will now be down to them to get Putin to stop this madness and end things as soon as possible.

Putin though will not succeed in his plans to take over such a mega sized Ukraine, he would be best to withdraw his troops with immediate effect.

Is he trying to be like Hitler? well possibly! the thing is in Hitler’s days it was all conventional wars, no nuclear weapons, now we have them! its stopped conventional wars up to now! if Putin does end up taking over Ukraine the problem then is will he continue?

No he won’t, he won’t be the president much longer, Russia does not want war, as we have said his political career hangs by a thread.

The US and UK will continue to hit Russia with sanctions, and it will get harder, more military hardware will be handed to the Ukraine army, this is all that can be done unless Poland or somewhere else is bombed, that moment will mean US and UK forces will be on the ground, with France and Germany and more!

This is when we will be in a full blown war, it will not affect the UK due to distance, however as we are seeing petrol prices will go very high, prices of food will go up and more of our vulnerable people will suffer.

What plays out before our eyes could go either way, the world hopes sense does prevail.