Up your A?X

We know how the majority of Manchester does not want the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) and we came across Partington’s message to Andy Burnham.

Although a delay of a couple of months has been agreed with some changes to be made, the Clean Air Zone will be part of things here in Trafford no matter what people say.

People will agree that our air needs clearing up, most people will agree that making sure vehicles are up to scratch and compliant is a fair way of helping to clean up the air that kills many people every year.

However to get these vehicles compliant needs to be fairer on the motorist, this year the cost of living will be even worse than feared due to the current crisis with Russia and Ukraine.

To cause even more misery would be more than a knock on the head for many people, with all them APNR cameras almost spying on people no one will get away with it and the council will make loads of money.

Manchester needs a better way of cleaning up the air, a fairer one and it’s hoped that the new changes will reflect that! and people can then not only have compliant cars, they can have a bit more money in the pocket