Trafford Council has issued a statement on the current situation in Ukraine.

The council and all political leaders from Trafford Labour, Trafford Conservatives, Trafford Lib Dems and The Green Party are against the war in Ukraine which they say is “unjustified aggression.”

Fortunately today Russia and Ukraine are now talking to end this madness, and its hopeful talks will be positive and Putin will see his actions have caused much damage and sadly many innocent people have been killed.

On behalf of Trafford Council and the borough of Trafford, we want to express how deeply saddened and shocked we are by the situation in Ukraine. The decision by Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine is an act of unjustified aggression and the deliberate targeting of innocent people is deplorable.  

“As a democratic nation we stand for the right for countries to defend their borders and live in peace.  

“Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and with those Ukrainians who call Trafford their home as we hope for a peaceful and swift settlement to this situation. In support of the Ukraine people we plan to fly the Ukraine flag at Trafford Town Hall this week.”