The cost of gas and electricity and gas is set to go up in April and its going to be a bit of a shock to everyone more so those on a prepayment meter who will be hit hardest.

If you chosen to have a smart meter they can charge what they like! even now they can do that so we have no idea what your bills will be from April.

The government have offered £150 for free to reduce the council tax to help out however if you are on benefits this means nothing to you since it is already paid, everyone though will get a £200 discount (Loan) on energy bills in October.

The discount sounds good, however do not let it fool you, another huge increase in energy is expected in October so it will be more like £50 and remember you will have to pay back the £200 loan which means £40 a year! this will be added to your bill/metre.

Prepayment meters are already a complete rip off, in the next few weeks it will be even more so! however Money saving Expert has some great advice on how to beat the system.

You need to max out your meter if you can afford to do so, all energy used in April will be at the cheaper rate (what you are on now) this is the way forward for a lot of people and we suggest you max out your meter making sure its maxed out by the last day in March to give you cheaper energy for longer.

For those not on a prepayment meter and on fixed tariffs you will be alright as your energy will not increase, although once the fixed price plan comes to an end you will then need to look for another one and sadly this will be higher than your last.

The price cap according to Ofgem will come to an end sometime next year and they are doing all they can to make sure energy companies do not charge more than they supposed to and always checking energy prices so if it does decrease they can then get energy firms to lower the price to the consumer.

The increase in energy is already being felt by both consumer and business, food prices have already gone up and expect further rises in shops and supermarkets, although it won’t be all bad as discount stores will continue to offer cheaper food.

If you are on a low income or benefits it will become very difficult and the use of food banks we expect to go through the roof, it is now you need to plan and get some advice on how to save money more so if you have children.

If you need further help go to your local CAB (Citizens Advice) or another advice service these people will give you a head start on how to save some money for everyone so you can live as normal as possible.