We see on our screens, in papers and hear on the radio all the madness currently going on in Ukraine, the scaremongering and propaganda yet not much has been told of what is happening to the pets and wildlife.

One animal shelter has been blown up in which all animals died, and other shelters still standing have been finding it hard to keep the animals fed due to food shortages.

Fortunately PETA (The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Germany backed by PETA US and UK) and other countries have come to the rescue bringing in as much as 22 tonnes of food into Ukraine, shelters are now getting some of this food and animals are now being fed.

Its a tricky process though getting access to some areas, we are aware a shelter in Lviv has got a delivery and is itself giving food to other shelters who are in desperate need of supplies to feed the animals.

Other animal charities will also be doing some great work to help protect frightened animals as the needless war continues.

Some pets are terrified of even a firework going off so you can imagine what it will be like for them with bombs going off and the defining sirens.

Many countries are allowing dogs and cats to enter without the usual vaccinations, micro chipping and rabies checks, others further to the west of Europe have relaxed some rules.

PETA urge people in Ukraine not to abandon beloved pets but to be taking them due to the relaxed conditions of bringing a pet into another country.