As the crisis continues to escalate in the Ukraine, with tensions rising and innocent Ukrainians fleeing for their very lives, aid is desperately needed to assist those families and individuals as they cross borders into the safety of neighbouring countries.

Here in Manchester, Ezra McGowan, who is a member of the Urmston Freemasons and runs a charity called ‘The Forget Me Not Trust’ is doing his upmost to assist the Ukrainians in their time of need.

Ezra was awarded a Special Recognition Award by the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester during COVID-19 for his tireless work providing food and clothing for the homeless and food parcels and essentials for those in need during COVID-19 lockdowns. Even HRH The Duke of Kent acknowledged the great work Ezra is doing by awarding him with a Royal commendation. 

Ezra has now turned his full attention to supporting Ukrainian refugees and has been loading lorries with his humanitarian aid. Non perishable food, clothing, sanity goods and other essentials, but he can’t do this alone and is asking for the Manchester community for support. If you would like to assist Ezra in his efforts he would be extremely grateful. 

Ezra said. ‘These are human beings just like you and me, they are wives, mothers, sisters and children fleeing for their lives and having to leave their men behind to fight for their country. They are desperately seeking help from the west and I, especially as a Freemason who devote their lives to supporting others, would like to do all that is humanly possible to help these poor people who are going through immeasurable turmoil. I hope you can assist me in supporting them, thank you’. 

If you can donate funds, non perishable food, sanitary goods etc you can do so by contacting Ezra McGowan directly on 07879 696601 or via email on