Despite what Ofcom told us that the networks will need to apply for chunks of spectrum for millimetre wave it has now been confirmed small cells will be added to council infrastructure soon.


Cornerstone who do masts for O2 and Vodafone also tried to mislead us into believing that small cells would need to go through planning.

Once the antennas have been installed you will start to see your signal improving, the speed will increase if you have a 5G handset that has millimetre wave antennas, most 5G handsets here in the UK do not have these antennas.

Once all the antennas have been installed they will connect with each other including the monopoles and masts on buildings, in a grid like pattern, so wherever you go the microwave beams will follow you and that includes in your own home!

It is true the power of these small cells is very low, however all linked together will form a more powerful thing that will cause people some health issues, those sensitive to the higher frequency will need to take action now to shield themselves.

Whilst we are all for the constant improvements in technology, we also have to make sure humans and its animals including some insects are not harmed, we have not yet been given any document, or seen a document anywhere in the world that this technology is not going to cause us problems.

We continue to ask the questions and even ICNIRP themselves could not answer simple questions, the guidelines are often very technical and its a long document that could loose people in the first ten minuets!

The guidelines do not offer any safety information, often the words “Could be” and “Maybe” are used it tells us they really do not know what is going to happen, they have the SAR rate (Specific Absorb Rate) this is for 6 minutes and a handset needs to be away from the skin, we are already breaching the guidelines.

Our children are going to be hurt by this technology much more than 4G and sooner or later children will start to become unwell, doctors will not tell us anything, they will know about spikes however will not understand why because they are not up to scratch with 5G and more so millimetre wave 5G.

The small cells 4G are all over the place, in hospitals, in transport hubs, even on buses and trains, soon 5G millimetre wave will be here, on our roads, on footpaths and everywhere else.

We are against 5G simply because of the lack of safety information, had this been available and verified we would be saying good things about it, we won’t because 5G is a trial and error thing, with UK government and even the networks themselves keeping fingers crossed that the guinea pigs in this trial won’t get that unwell.