The new 125km long Hynet hydrogen pipeline will be built that will go through Partington and Warburton in the near future.

This is all about removing CO2 from the air and ending our reliance on fossil fuels, we have already got buses fuelled by hydrogen.

The route will start at a point near Manchester Ship Canal in Partington in direct line with Heath Farm Lane, the pipeline then turns towards Moss Lane then Chapel Lane and on to Warburton.

So what is hydrogen and how safe is it? from our research its lighter than air so in a leak it would rise and vanish, it does not smell of anything, however its more explosive than fossil fuel.

Much of the pipeline would be underground and at Partington will be blended with natural gas which makes it more explosive, however even in a leak it would need something to ignite it, although in a big leak underground the pressure might cause problems.

For the most part the pipeline does not go under residential parts of Partington although expect even more road works and disruption once the project gets underway, as of now a consultation is underway not to stop this from happening, its more to do with how residents feel about it and more importantly where you feel the pipeline should go.

You can have your say and find out further information by clicking this LINK you best be quick though the closing date is 11 March.

HS2 will be built in the coming years and its not known yet if the pipeline could cause problems, so that is one to watch.