• Pic: Darren Marsden
  • Pic: Darren Marsden
  • Pic: Darren Marsden

The green light was given last night (10/03/22) at a planning meeting to go ahead and demolish Stretford Mall.


In a previous article we shown you what parts of the mall are to be demolished and what parts are not, the Aldi building stays and the front section that is directly opposite the A56 also stays.

Some 800 apartments are also to be built alongside a new cycling friendly scheme next to the Bridgewater Canal where the sorting office at Stretford used to be.

The mall has though many memories for people, the Stretford Arndale as it once was called with the subways fully open was a very popular place at one time.

Woolworths, John Menzies and Tesco’s were doing great business, McDonalds store doing better business it seemed during the weekends, a nice little market that had clothes stores and a chippy which has been described by many local people as “One of the best around”

All sports were around for a very long time, although it was a very small unit, Stretford also has a sports store called ‘Streetwise Sports’ although small it had lots of equipment including an upstairs section where it had hiking gear.

Stretford Arndale for us though will be best remembered for the Woolworths and John Menzies battle, which shop did you choose to buy your 7″ pop singles or an album from?

Woolworths made had a better display although tight it offered much more than John Menzies who’s record department was much bigger but looked more like a dusty library, even worse it was right at the back of the huge store.

The subways were important to many people, it was back then a safer way to get across the dangerous A56, although as time went on the subways got a little bit dangerous due to the amount of personal robberies and drug use.

Fortunately one subway still remains and its proven to be very useful to have as the current design where pedestrians have to cross many lanes of traffic with often confusing traffic light arrangements is not making thins safer for people.

The decline in footfall at this time is due many factors, the Mall as its called now is out dated, first built in the 60’s it has served its purpose, big names on the high street vacated and footfall declined.

So in the near future Stretford Mall will be no more, and a new one with less car parking spaces will be built, a new shopping centre fit for the future and one every resident in this borough will use and be happy to both work and shop.