With the upcoming Manchester Marathon and The Great Manchester 10k run soon after we look at the latest and greatest running shoes.


Alphafly next % flyknit: These are the latest trainers from US sports firm Nike, the trainers have Nike Air ZoomX and a full length Carbon Fibre plate.

The midsole has a huge amount of foam which in combination with the small air inserts at the forefoot and the carbon fibre plate will give increased comfort and energy return.

Increased breathability and comfort continues with the flyknit upper making this the ideal choice for anyone doing the marathon.

The outsole is grippy and will last a while although the middle and back of the outsole will suffer over time due to a minimal amount of protection, if you are a heal striker then the trainers will not last as long.

These trainers come in two colours for both men and women and will cost around £260

A bit cheaper is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 costing £110 although you may get this even cheaper if you shop around, these trainers are ideal for any running event, we suggest a 5 and 10k race would be more suitable.

You can view all the latest trainers via the Nike store here



Adidas Adios Pro 2.0 shoes we recommend for longer distances like the marathon, they have a huge amount of foam much like the Nike next % so will provide you with a good level of cushioning and energy return.

The midsole has two layers of Lightstrike Pro foam and energy rods to give you that kick when you need it most.

Comfort levels are further increased with the upper being very light and breathable, the outsole is made by Continental.

These trainers are £180 from Adidas.

Other trainers from Adidas we recommend for a marathon and other events is the Adizero Boston 10 which is almost the same as the Adios Pro 2.0 with Lightstrike EVA midsole giving you good levels of cushioning, also these trainers have energy rods to provide excellent energy return, for further comfort the upper is specially engineered for comfort.

The Adios Boston 10 is around £100, we recommend Sportshoes for the best deals in trainers and running clothes.


New Balance:

They have some great trainers for all distances, for the Marathon we suggest Fresh Foam 1080v11 these trainers have great cushioning and a hypoknit upper for extra comfort, the outsole is blown rubber so will be grippy and last a while.

The Fuelcell RC Elite V2 has a big midsole which offers superior cushioning and energy return, FuelCell is a nitrogen-infused foam it also has a carbon fibre insert and a breathable mesh knit upper, these trainers can be used in any events, these trainers will set you back around £200.

New Balance has a range of trainers to suit everyone and any distance and we fully recommend the brand.



This is a well known and trusted brand, they offer many great trainers for every distance, they were once famous for the ‘Gel’ insert however they have moved on with newer technology and bigger foamed trainers.


The German sportswear firm has made in roads into the running market over the past couple of years and now have some great trainers, Puma have designed its own foam called ‘Nitro Foam’ which is a midsole that offers good energy return, the uppers are normally very breathable and all we have seen would be best worn in a 5 to 10k race.

Hoka One One:

They offer some of the best trainers on the market with huge foamed midsole’s and a range of trainers to suit the distance, Hoka has also decided to go with the flow and added a carbon plate to its ‘Carbon X’ training shoe, this is ideal for all distances including the Manchester Marathon.

Other firms like Brooks, Mizuno and Reebok offer all types of great quality trainers for all distances and highly recommend you check them out.

Whatever trainers you wear on the day of the Manchester Marathon remember to break them in before you take them to the marathon, remember socks are as important as trainers are so wear expensive running socks not the cheap kind from Sports Direct.

Enjoy the run!