• Pic taken 13/03/22
  • Pic taken 13/03/22
  • Pic taken on 13/03/22
  • Parish Council installs barriers
  • Moss View Road flooding issue
  • Big fly tip on Chapel Lane (Now cleared)

For over two decades that we know about some Partington Trafford Labour councillors who have seemingly neglected the area and getting paid for doing the minimum, they are expected to do.

The neglect was for all to see at the annual Trafford 10K race, this was not just for Trafford runners, it draws in people from all of the North West and beyond.

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We have reported Chapel Lane’s road surface to the council and previous councillor’s, this included some of the biggest fly tips we have ever seen, to one councillors credit (in the past) she helped to clear much of the rubbish.

One Trafford is also responsible for the roads, for some reason they are in the slo-mo mode, we doubt they can make the excuse about Covid anymore! the current councillors need to do more to wake them up.

With the local elections taking place we urge the standing councillor to have a look at the state of Chapel Lane and get this sorted out, including getting something done about the persistent fly-tipping on the grass areas.


As of now Chapel Lane is in a bad state, fly-tipping everywhere and other issues in the area continue, if the standing councillor only talks the talk at the doorstep, gives you lots of reasons to vote her back in yet falls very short of all her ideas and promises, elected and another four years of next to nothing.

We know some Partington residents are fed up with the lies from councillors, the parish council doing things behind people’s backs although now out of their shell are actually doing a little more which is a positive.

Change is needed though, this is your chance Partington! , unlock the key to a different direction in May and do not vote for Trafford Labour, we are aware some people claim “Who do we vote for then”? the answer is simple you vote for either an Independent or no one.

Voting is not something you are demanded to do, it is your choice! after all, we are supposed to be in a democracy, so do not be forced into going to the polls in May.

Trafford Labour will be rattled by the handful of votes and will realise quickly that they cannot get away with doing nothing anymore and gives back the power to Partington people, this is what happens if you do not vote for them!

A strength that you can regain by being positive, being assertive by saying NO! to the standing candidate, do not get mixed up with a personal thing, it makes no difference if the standing councillor is nice or not, its what she will do for the community that matters, looking at her actions throughout her time in office.

We will continue to press the standing councillor and the others to look around once in a while, and do something about the problems, we know it’s not easy being a councillor, other commitments are more important, however, 15/20 mins tour once in a while is not going to cause any problems and at this time this small amount of time is a problem.