Transport for Greater Manchester will get £573,956 to improve air quality in Greater Manchester, it is currently unknown what they will do with the money.

It is likely more air pollution monitoring will take place and other things that will go on to help clean up our dirty air, however no matter how much money you throw at this, the result will be the same.

Air pollution monitoring is one thing and more is needed in other areas such as Altrincham, Sale and Partington, it though won’t tackle the air pollution that will rise sharply over the next couple of years due to all the housing developments that are being built.

We will find space on many roads in Trafford almost at a standstill, mega traffic jams only ever seen on the M60 at rush hour will become a regular thing, the only way of stopping air pollution is to reduce the number or cars and vans, dirty HGV’s.

Making use of the so called ‘Live’ rail line that connects from Skelton Junction all the way to Cadishead would be the most sensible thing to be doing in our view, bringing back a rail line with cycling infrastructure is where money should be being spent.

It would also give Partington residents a route in and out of the place where soon they will all find it difficult during peak times and often through the day, lots of people would use the rail line rather than hop in the car due to the traffic jams.

It would give cyclists a safe route instead of using the often dangerous Sinderland Lane or having to go down Manchester Road in Carrington.


Air pollution does not just come from vehicles either, its from industry, and sometimes it’s not even our fault as pollution from Europe sweeps in from time to time.

It seems we are always putting plasters over the cracks instead of throwing what money we get to things that will not only help the environment but will help people get around in a more sustainable way.

All councillors and the MP’s should be getting this abandoned rail line reopened and throwing whatever money that is given to it.

Network Rail own the line, if they do not want it to be a rail line, then money could be thrown at it to help cut back the vegetation and make safe the trees, and get rid of the rail line whats left of it! and make the surface good enough for cycling, the route could start from A56 Manchester Road to Partington.

We can see no excuses for not doing something with this rail line, and we urge all political people to get in on this as soon as possible as in our view its a ‘Win Win” situation for both the environment and local people for both getting out and about and for fitness and mental wellbeing.