Manchester United are looking at three options of what to do with the now outdated Old Trafford stadium one of these options is to demolish and start again.


We favour the stadium to be demolished for a new near 100,000 capacity stadium on the same land, the iconic stadium will be moved further away from the railway which has caused so many problems for the club.

Other options that could be chosen is to go over the railway and build up the south stand which could be a problem for residents on Railway Road, it would also need approval from Network Rail and Trafford Council.

The other option is to leave it as it is and upgrade.

It seems from reports that the owners of United are leaning towards building a new south stand although many people including ex United player Gary Neville want a new stadium since the iconic Old Trafford is now out dated.

For this season the stadium has been painted to make it look better, covering up the rust and corroding metal, this is a plaster, a temporary fix.


If bulldozed it would mean United having to play at the Etihad Stadium until its built, this obviously would be problematic for United fans and would mean many of them not being able to watch United due to the smaller capacity, it would also need to be approved by Manchester City.

Man United would also have to pay City to play in that stadium which won’t be cheap! these things might be why the Glazers are leaning towards rebuilding the south stand, that way United could still play at Old Trafford although at a reduced capacity, it would be easier on the fans and cheaper for the club.

We shall have to wait and see what happens, for the now United need to be looking at winning as many games as possible to get into the Champions League next season, it is still possible as lots of points are to be played for, help from other teams are needed though, otherwise a place in the Europa League will be booked.

Man United will be rebuilding the team in the summer with several players leaving the club, moving on or retiring, the new manager thought to be Pochettino will then bring in new players to help United back to where they belong at the top of the table.