Manchester United star Marcus Rashford has issued a statement after a video was seen on social media of him heading towards some fans outside Old Trafford in a seemingly angry mood.

Rashford has not been himself for a while and did not play very well when he came on to the hallowed Old Trafford pitch against Atletico Madrid, he was roundly slated by YouTube fan channels and fans on social media.

On Twitter Rashford released the statement you can see below:


Fans replied to this statement and not many people backed him, he is a professional footballer, a well known public figure and will get people trolling him, its understandable in a moral context that he got upset, however this only causes more problems and he be best not to be responding.

The way forward for Rashford is to look at what is causing his dip in form, only he will know! fans can speculate and they have the right to, they pay his wages! however we feel Rashford will come good again if he does intend to stay at United.

(Pic: Marcus Rashford)