The Chancellor, the Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP, presented his Spring Statement to Parliament.

He had a three point plan to try and ease things for people in the UK, giving drivers 5p of a litre of petrol however really did very little for vulnerable people, taxing the rip off firms that will make mega profits from making more people poorer was the best way forward and he chose to help the richest in society!

People are not ready for the reality of what is in front of them, it will sting so much that millions of people even those working will find it very hard to make ends meet, sacrifices will need to be part of life, for carers though sadly it gets worse.

Responding to the Statement and what it means for unpaid family carers across the UK, Carers Trust’s Chief Executive Officer, Kirsty McHugh, said:

Carers Trust research last month showed that unpaid carers are at the sharp end of the cost of living crisis. However, the Chancellor has again missed the opportunity to support unpaid carers, without whom our health and social care system would simply collapse. This is in sharp contrast to the Welsh and Scottish Governments who have recognised the importance of unpaid carers with the announcement of extra financial support.

Overall, unpaid carers will be bitterly disappointed by today’s Spring Statement. There was little announced that shows the Government understands their plight. Many were missing bill payments, cutting back on food and borrowing money before the recent cost of living crisis. Even the minority of unpaid carers who are eligible for Carer’s Allowance face a real terms decrease in what they receive, as the allowance is due to increase by only £2.10 a week from April to £69.70. This nowhere near enough to keep up with inflation.

“In addition, we are worried that there was little in the announcement which will help local carer organisations, without whom many unpaid carers would not be able to cope day to day. Many are coping with spiralling fuel bills and difficulties with recruitment.  We must ensure that the extra funding raised by the forthcoming Health and Social Care Levy helps a transformation in the local social care landscape.”