A popular chip shop in Sale has recently been given a poor food hygiene rating by Environmental Health inspectors from Trafford Council.

We wanted to know why Coppice Fish Bar on Coppice Avenue in Sale kept getting low scores and so we asked under Freedom of information the inspectors report.

The report said the owner of the chippy should give the staff a food safety booklet in Cantonese so they would understand it better.

Inspectors also asked the owner to make sure he checks records including recording the temperatures of the freezer and fridge areas.

They were asked to replace the bulbs in the fly killer and to remove food from a space by the toilet, The chippy needs a clean, they were asked to clean the freezer top and washbasin in the toilet.

Some structural work was needed at the back of the chippy so the owner was told to replace some tiles near the back door.


In summary then the establishment got a D in Compliance with food hygiene and safety procedures, they got a D with compliance with structural requirements and a C for confidence in management which gave them a food hygiene score of 2.

The chippy has been around for a long time and serves many people, it has a big choice on the menu and has a trusted status within the community, the food can be hit and miss according to local people, most problems for customers it seems was the time they had to wait for delivery.