We have found the real solution for you to lose weight and if you have type 2 diabetes to reverse this over a period of time.

Diets and counting calories do not really work although some people have had some success, it is true many of them on diets end up back to square one and in some cases worse than when they first started the diet.

The true way to shed the weight is to cut your sugar intake by half or more, and to do the same with your carbs and that is it!

Having lots of fibre and protein in your diet are the key ingredients to success, doing this will lower your weight significantly and if you have type 2 diabetes will reverse it faster with taking metformin.

Sugar is the enemy! yes we all crave it, and in some foods it needs to be present, however sugar is causing insulin resistance in the body, this causes inflammation and stored fat around the waistline and in other places.

When you have a fast food fix or even just a can of coke your blood sugar spikes, releasing a hormone called Insulin from the Pancreas, Insulin comes out to try and lower blood sugar, it though cannot manage the levels of blood sugar (if its too high) and that is where the problems are, more so for those with diabetes since the insulin stops working.

Metformin helps to keep blood sugar down and so in itself its a good medication and we are not telling people to stop taking it, however with the instructions given your diabetes with Metformin will reverse and you will see weight loss.

If you are just looking to lose the weight you can eat much of what you like, just cut out bread and pasta of any kind, choose zero sugar drinks if you like fizzy drinks, eat more salads, if you must have a takeaway nothing wrong with chicken donner kebab with salad just do not have any bread.

Chips should be a treat, eating a pie for dinner on its own should be alright although it does contain lots of carbs from the pastry, you must not completely do away with the foods you like, this is what males you fail in the end.

Meet your body half way and you are on to a winner!

Some people with type 2 diabetes have ended taking Metformin, we suggest not to be doing this in the short term and speak to your doctor before ending the medication.