In recent marathons we saw some issues from runners spitting on spectators and other things we cannot publish, this year though was much improved despite the poor surfaces and potholes runners had to dodge.

The marathon got underway as expected just after 9am with 24,000 runners from the elites to club runners and those doing the marathon for the first time.

The first sign of action came well after 10am when the first wheel chair competitor came through then soon after another one and well that was it for a while until the elites came through, it looked as if they were gliding, in some type of cruise control.

It was noticeable that the elites had the best trainers all wearing Nike, as the elites moved on we started seeing the club runners and the change in footwear began, with cheaper trainers being worn, some with everyday trainers which is the wrong footwear for a marathon.

Our own Sale Harriers and Trafford Athletic Club runners were involved with Sale fielding more runners in this marathon, Trafford was not seen for a while after the elites went through.

Spectators only started arriving just before the elites came which was perfect timing, we did not see as many stewards this time on the course more so when we went past Raglan Road in Sale, hardly any on Park Road.

This though was a better marathon, better organised and on time so we look forward to covering the half marathon which is scheduled for October.

(Photos:Darren Marsden)