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Whilst spectators watched the runners, we got a little technical and found almost everyone was wearing Nike in today’s Manchester Marathon.

It seemed almost all elite athletes were wearing Nike trainers and only a handful wore Adidas, other club runners and people running for charity wore a mix of Asics, On and Hoka today, we saw some runners in Brooks and Saucony trainers.

We noted no one was wearing Puma or Reebok trainers going past us, for Adidas though this must have been very disappointing since they have a big share in the running shoe market.

Wearing the right trainers during a marathon is very important, one part of the plan for the big day, it was noted that the thousands of normal runners who run for charity or just running for fun and newbies were running in poor quality trainers.

We saw a mix of trainers that even on a training run should not be worn, the everyday trainers are cheap and cheerful, they could be branded, however not good enough for a marathon, stay clear of low foam trainers.

Racing trainers are lighter than everything else, they may have a layer of foam this though is not good enough for a marathon, they will start hurting and with the foam being so thin the shock absorbing properties will not help with your run.

Buy big foamed trainers, some have carbon plates to propel you forward, the foam is so thick that your feet, knees and even your hip has less shock going through them, this will help during the race and more importantly helps with your recovery.

Even if you do wear the wrong trainers and you finish the race your recovery will be longer and the pain will be much worse.

This is a winner for NIke for this years Manchester Marathon, will they be as popular for the half marathon in October? we shall see