Funding that totals £1.07bn rom City Region Sustainable Transport Settlements (CRSTS) to help deliver Bee Network with which £438m worth of investment is to improve buses, routes and services could bring back Partington Local Link.

The real reason why it is to be withdrawn is due to funding, and we are confident Local Link will be back, we have contacted TFGM again and are awaiting Andy Burnham to respond, it was himself who helped bring back Local Link to full service the last time when Local Link had to drop from 4 to 3 buses which would have caused some chaos.

Kate Green MP has also been contacted for comment on this, Local Link must be included in the ‘Bee Network’ going forward as its not only a reliable service its good for getting disabled people out and about, the drivers are friendly and professional in what they do, it is not right either that they have no job after April 24th.

Be assured we will get this service back at some point and are working hard to achieve this for the community.