A new extension to the Broomwood Community and Wellbeing Centre on Mainwood Road looks set to be approved at a planning meeting next week.

The extension would see a boxing ring, space for boxing training, and other activities, a viewing area, a weights and fitness training gym and dedicated toilets and changing rooms.

This change will give the community something to be even more proud about with enhanced sporting facilities that would see many more people use the facility.

Some residents though are concerned about the increase in traffic along Mainwood Road and around it which at this time can get very busy, others are concerned about flooding issues.

From reading documents it seems the proposal may have to be scaled back a bit from Greystoke Avenue, however this proposal will get the green light so long as the traffic issues can be sorted out and to make sure the disabled access is not impacted and visibility improved.

Timperely Boxing Club is very successful and with these changes will further enhance its name and depending on how big the spectator area will be could even have live amateur boxing events.

The community centre has been around a while now and serves the community in many ways, with Blu Sci it helps people with mental health issues with a range of activities such as cycle maintenance and learning to play the guitar.

The centre has many other things for the community and a cafe.

You can see the live event on the Trafford Council YouTube site on April 14