GM Roadworks

More planned roadworks on Manchester Road in Carrington will cause more problems for motorists.

Electric North West are doing work on two sites on Manchester Road that will cause congestion more so at peak times.

On both sites work will begin on 27 April and end on 5 May, and they look to be close together one near Porta Road and the other opposite the entrance of the power station.

GM Roadworks have added a ‘High Impact Works’ logo on the website so expect delays in that area, it is expected more roadworks will be scheduled for this year as the huge Carrington housing development and work space takes shape.

If approved more works will commence soon on a storage and business space near SAICA paper mill, with the potential of yet more HGV’s and vans on the road, soon Carrington will look completely different, all that work space, all them new houses and no one can get in or out of the place!