Rishi Sunak

Today UK PM Boris Johnson his wife and chancellor Rishi Sunak have been fined along with other people following several gatherings during lockdown.

They will all be given a fixed penalty notice which to them is like £5 however they could still end up with the mad scientists in hot water after a public enquiry.

Opposition party leaders called for Boris and his chancellor to resign, we understand Johnson has since apologised for his actions and simply ‘acted daft’ hoping people will forgive him.

They took the p”s out of each and everyone of us whilst everyone was locked up and they were having a great time.

Further to this Boris Johnson will be trying to worm his way out of the public enquiry that should have been held this month but due to the war in Ukraine has had to be delayed,

Thousands of elderly people were killed in care homes, many died through suicide, Johnson nearly broke the economy, made more people unwell yet! he had the balls to end lockdown earlier where had Starmer been in charge we would have been still hiding under the bed.

We saw mental health services that was previously struggling now broken, three Trafford GP’s have confirmed to us the mental health services are broken, yet nothing has been done to rectify the problems we are seeing many unwell people becoming more unwell because support they had is not around anymore.

Some of these unwell people ended up committing suicide, Trafford had already a very high suicide rate before the pandemic, this went of the scale according to a mental health worker who we spoke to, he told us the service is broken and needs the government to wake up.

The Covid statistics were all wrong, even the then health Secretary Matt Hancock admitted something was wrong and changed the figures, others have also admitted the figures were all wrong and the Covid rate was nowhere near what was claimed and still isn’t right.

The PCR test should not have been used in such a way even the founder of the test said that before he mysteriously died! in many cases they gave false readings, people ended up isolating for something else, fever can knock someone for 6! because of the psychologists working on people, the MSM telling everyone “Your going to die” and all the doomsday people telling you all sorts of rubbish and you may have believed it was Covid.

Some people though did have this disease, it wasn’t all lies and sadly people did die, however did they die because of Covid or from it? since you were not allowed anywhere near someone with it, who knows the real truth!

Boris will also have to answer why 80% of vaccinated people have now got Covid and the unvaccinated do not have any Covid, or never had it, what is in that vaccine? Why are footballers and pro sports people dropping from heart issues? lots of questions for Boris to answer.

Labour have not been a good opposition throughout the pandemic, however could come good if they with other opposition party’s get Johnson and Sunak to resign, and more importantly make sure justice is served on what is the worst PM this country has ever seen and I think we can include his chancellor.

It seems Johnson and Sunak are not going to resign so it will need to be his own disgraced party to get rid of them once and for all, by doing this would give a tiny bit of credibility back into what is one messy out of touch political party.