A mega sized 82ft (25 metres) 5G mast has been approved which will replace an existing 20 metre 6 antenna monopole.

The new mast is located at the back of Lancashire Cricket Club and will have 12 antennas at the top of it with additional RRU’s and microwave dishes, more cabinets will also be installed.

Looking at drawings the mast will look more like Blackpool Tower to everyone that lives around it, this is a very big mast that should have drawn lots of opposition, it is not sure if anyone near it got leaflets or any information of this mast upgrade.

This mast will cause interference and noise pollution to local residents, it will be seen far and wide although shielded to the North and NW sides, the health of the people had no thought in the full approval from Trafford Planning.

None of these people have any understanding of 5G frequencies and no care for anyone who lives around 5G masts.