A male motorcyclist looks to be in a bad way tonight after coming off his bike on Washway Road in Sale, at around 4pm today 14 April.

We got to the scene and saw the motorbike upright with next to no damage at the back, however the front was damaged, the front wheel was deflated although in tact, the visor on this bike was split in half and it seems the left part of the handlebar was badly damaged, we checked and so no other vehicle that could have been involved in this accident.

The surface where the bike was standing was very poor although no potholes it was not flat.

All emergency services attended the crash and the road was kept open to allow the traffic to flow, this though did not help much as queues backed up as far as you could see both ways.

At the scene we saw the man who was not moving and on oxygen, a stretcher was brought out and with some care ambulance staff put him on the stretcher and off her went in an emergency ambulance to hospital.

We asked the police at the scene for more information however we were then told to contact GMP Press Office, we will update this article when more information is to hand.