Proposals for a large storage facility to replace the old Aldi store on the corner of George Richards Way and Davenport Lane were submitted to Trafford Council in December last year.

Since then the applicant has amended the plans which have got some residents objecting, the new layout will see lots of landscaping and a new entrance, the storage building will take up much of the space including what is currently a car park.

When demolition takes place a big screen will be put up to stop dust particles causing problems for people and nearby business including McDonald’s which is opposite.

One resident has objected saying that this development should not go ahead until the Lidl application has either been won or lost at an enquiry, the result of this enquiry will be known sometime in November this year.

Other residents have questioned that the area has enough storage facilities and this area could have been put to better use.

The comings and goings of vehicles could also be an issue although the applicant has issued lots of information as to how they are to handle any issues, it would be up to councillors at an upcoming planning meeting to decide if its good enough.

This application we believe will get approved when it gets looked at by councillors at an upcoming Trafford Planning meeting.

You can view the entire application by using application ref: 106791/FUL/21