Despite wild claims that HS2 is to be scrapped through Trafford we have confirmation that work will get underway in Trafford next year.

Footpaths and some roads will close starting from January 2023, Trafford Council and councillors are trying to get an amendment to stop the closures in Dunham and Bowdon.

The HS2 bill has gone through parliament and is expected to get Royal assent in the next year or two, before then engineers will get working on ground works and hire the best archaeologists to find historical things that others missed.

Our green belt will suffer serious damage though and will never recover, we know HS2 will have to move any wildlife habitats to another location and must not disturb any hidden historic graveyards or destroy ancient plants that have been around since the dinosaurs used to roam.

Footpaths in Warburton will be closed and work will be going on next year on the fields around 500 metres behind Oak Road in Partington and further east of Warburton Lane.

Lots of people will be compensated by HS2 however even with this compensation it will not do very much for where they live, major noise and light pollution for over a year, once work has been completed they will then have to put up with more noise and vibrations of a train doing 200mph.

Life as they once knew it will be taken away from them which ultimately means many people that have lived in Warburton and other places where the line comes close will have no options but to move away, communities torn up because of a railway no one needed or wanted.