We have all heard about the looming crisis with huge increases in our electric and gas bills along with food price rises and if you drive fuel prices will continue to rise.

With all of this it seems the TV Licence has been forgotten! it certainly has not and they don’t care if you have any food on the table or you don’t.

So what can people do who are so desperate they can barely put food on the table, we can tell you some things that will help.

If you do not view live TV and only watch catch up programmes or recorded live programmes you do not need a licence, to do this go to the TV Licence website and head for ‘I do not need a licence’.

You will not get another letter for two years, however you may get a third party person from Capita who may check up, and remember you do not need to let the individual in, this is on the TV Licence website.

Your path, garden is private property and you can tell them to leave, if they persist they are breaking the law, if they read out your rights as if to be a policeman or woman they are breaking the law and will be done for impersonating.

All of this though is down to you holding up a camera or using a ring doorbell camera with the sound on to prove what you are saying.

TV licensing do not have any detection equipment, they never did! no known equipment exists to let a TV licence man or woman know what channel you are watching, they may have handheld RF detectors which will detect a wide range of signals one of them is not from a TV.

No one can tell you what are watching live TV unless a TV Licence man or woman sees it, so you don’t need to worry about that, more bizarre is what is being said in the Terms and Conditions that you need a licence for viewing ‘live’ social media!

The only real way TV licensing sort of knows you are viewing live content is if you go on the BBC iPlayer, since you will be signed in and all data will be sent to the BBC, this includes if you accept cookies on articles from the BBC on social media platforms.

We are not though telling you to break the law, so if you do genuinely watch live broadcasts on your TV or devices you will need a licence.