Tomorrow is one of the biggest local elections for a long time! this is your guide and for a bit of fun have included some predictions at the end of this article.

You need to use our vote for the right things, check out the councillors on the list for your ward, what are they proposing, do they listen and take on board what you are saying? What is the party like? all these things matter when you choose who to vote for.

It seems when a local or general election takes place we need to vote as if it was a command! it is not and you do not have to participate.

If a candidate has already been a councillor and is standing what has she or he done in that time? it’s no good to anyone if you vote for someone just because they are nice, seemingly trustworthy and could live in the ward you live in.

You have to look at everything and not just vote for a candidate because they belong to a recognised political party, that same candidate could well be in power come Friday morning so you see its important to get it right.

Candidates will have probably knocked on your door, sent you leaflets or pushed them through your door, this is really to get an idea what people are wanting, its basically a sales pitch and some are more genuine than others.

They spend lots of time trying to convince you to vote for them and it would be down to you to do your research on the candidate and what the party they belong to is all about, remembering clearly that a local party does not reflect the national party.

It is much different, although funding comes from central government, local political party’s have their own ethos, completely different outlook and even do not agree with some of the things that national government does, this is important to understand.

Nationally the Tories are a disgrace in many ways, Labour are no better if the truth be known, so we hear you saying “Who else do I vote for” this is not for us to decide however you do have the right to not vote or spoil the ballot paper adding how you feel about politics in this country, although keep it readable!

Looking at things locally we think its going to be a close run thing in Trafford, nationally Labour will kill off the Tories.

Here are our predictions for many of Trafford’s wards and we wish them all the best of luck.

  • Partington: It will be closer than ever in Partington as people start to see through the dirty blond hair who only cares for the few not the many, despite this Adele New will win with a reduced majority (remember you do not have to vote!)
  • Brooklands: This will be a good seat to watch for, it will be a close run thing and we think it will go to the Labour candidate Will Jones.
  • Altrincham: This will also be much closer this time around although we expect the Green Party candidate to get his neck over the line.
  • Timperley: win for the Tory candidate.
  • Bowdon: win for the Tory candidate
  • Broadheath: win for the Labour candidate
  • Clifford: win for the Labour candidate
  • Davyhulme East: win for the Labour candidate
  • Davyhulme West: win for the Labour candidate
  • Flixton: This will be a good ward to watch with the Tories Jonathon Coupe going up against Trafford Labour’s Simon Thomas, it will be close and we think the Tory candidate will win.
  • Gorse Hill: Win for Labour candidate David Acton
  • Hale Barns: win for Tory candidate
  • Hale Central: win for Tory candidate
  • Longford: win for Labour candidate
  • Priory: win for Labour candidate
  • Sale Moor: win for Labour candidate
  • St Mary’s: win for Tory candidate
  • Stretford: win for Labour candidate

So this is our predictions with some wards too close to call, either way Labour will still be in power of the council on Friday and so we will have to put up with the clean air zone, eroding green spaces, more mega sized housing developments, more dirty air, more 5G installations, no direction.

The candidate you choose must be one you have checked out for the sake of your own ward, and in some wards like Partington a no vote is actually the best one! this will give the political party no options but to get someone in to that ward that really wants to represent all of the people not just a few and actively and seen to be doing something not to be hiding under a bed.

We wish all candidates all the best tomorrow!