Written by Joe Adams


Many hands make light work

A house is like the face of a person who lives there. If you do not wash your face even for a day, it gets dirty. Likewise, if you do not clean your house often, it will get dirty soon.

In this chaotic and distracting situation, a home cannot fully function as a comfortable haven. The mission of April that the World Mission Society Chruch of God members carried out was to keep their house and its surroundings where their precious family dwells clean and neat.

When you wash your face, it feels good. If you keep your house clean which is like the face of your family, it will refresh your mind and your house will give off good energy that everything will turn out right.

Extending that to the neighbourhood, on a larger scale the volunteers from the World Mission Society Chruch of God in Manchester and London teamed up. And on Sunday the 1st of May 2022, they started off the month with a united clean-up campaign to keep Old Trafford and Manchester clean and neat.

The volunteers from London travelled over 200 miles to meet up with the volunteers in Manchester. After refreshments, they split into three groups cleaning from Deansgate tram station, Cornbrook tram station and E Union street to a meeting point in St Georges Park.

In total, around 50 volunteers participated in the event and were able to cover a much larger area than before with the extra manpower.

The amount of litter on the streets of Old Trafford and Manchester is astounding, looking at it if one person tried to tackle the issue it would take them months or even years. However, as the saying goes “many hands make light work” the volunteers were able to clean up over a large area collecting around 70 bags of rubbish.

The volunteers were a group of individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life but all worked together in unity to achieve a common goal for the benefit of others. This reflects the heart of the church of God that operates in 175 countries at over 7,500 locations, viewing all mankind regardless of culture and background as one family.

When asked how they are able to work together with such a variety of people globally volunteer Michael King answered

“The church of God volunteers are able to operate globally uniting and working with people from various backgrounds and cultures based on “love.”

That love is the love of a mother who considers others needs first with a broad and generous mind. This heart and attitude we have learnt from God the Father and God the Mother whom we believe in.

It is an important attitude and mindset to have to be able to tolerate and embrace various people who are different to work for the greater and common good. It is what enables us to work together and do what we do.

Working together definitely makes the work easier and more enjoyable, and more got done in a shorter time. The volunteers thoroughly enjoyed themselves and passers-by encouraged them with thumbs up and honks. And the final result was like a breath of fresh air for the residents.

Greater Manchester has a population of around 2.8 million people if just 1 million people picked up one piece of rubbish per day how much cleaner could our environment be? Moreover, the earth’s population is 7.8 billion what if 3 billion people picked up one piece of rubbish a day?

It is surprising what the impact of one person can be and if we work together considering the needs of others first and being tolerant of one another’s differences huge local, regional, national, and global issues do not seem so unsolvable.

The volunteers look forward to carrying out more work and on larger scales and send a big “We love you” to everyone.