We all know about the struggles of Manchester United in what has been a dreadful season the club has had for many decades.

Many fans rightly blame the owners for what is going on, they have no idea whatsoever about football and what it means to the fans, this is not a franchise like an NFL team, its a religion, a place fans call home, from father to son and daughter the fans love there club, it means so much to them and the Glazers do not and never will understand this.

It is though not entirely the fault of the owners, they have pumped in the money, to get managers and players, so who else is to blame for the down time at this once great club? it’s the players! and that was obvious for all to see today against a confident Brighton side.

All the United players from time to time shown they can make some effort, this though is not good enough it needs to be for 90 mins plus extra time, the players had the heads down for most of the match, a fan on social media said: “Forget the half time tea what they need is some depression medication.”

Although United won well in the last game against Brentford at Old Trafford they could not be bothered to win this game and walked off at full time looking like the pitch was just about to eat them up.

Despite the problems on and off the field these highly paid players should make the full effort required and they offered about 10% for the entire game, Fernandes offered a little bit of hope however did not do enough through the game.

United lost 4-0 today and it could have been far worse had it been a top team, for the last game left the least them players could do for the fans and for themselves is to play the best they can and try and win that game, going out on a positive note so to continue this in the next season under new management.