The Police, crime and sentencing bill was given Royal assent recently which will mean changes to what the police can do.

Protesting will be restricted! police would need to be informed of a protest taking place and they can either say yes or no, if no then a protest may not happen.

Police can also stop a protest if they claim it’s too loud, this is seen to be crazy, what is too loud, have they got a sound meter? what is too loud? no one knows!

The Police can also now stop anyone and search them even if they do not belong to a protest or not, this will be something we feel police will use some common sense over.

Other parts of the bill says that higher maximum sentences will be given to those who commit child cruelty, changes to sexual offences law will tackle abusive adults in positions of trust (Coaches and religious people)

This bill will also help create powers to keep an eye on terrorists when they leave prison, and mandatory life sentences for anyone who kills and emergency worker whilst on duty.

It seems the bill will help those convicted of a less serious crime and help to see the underlying issues of that individual to better understand what is going on.

The human rights of an individual to protest should not be interfered with, and protests in numbers will be hard to stop, it makes no sense to us that of only one person is seen with a banner the individual could get fined £2500 if he or she did not move on.

We agree searches are needed in some areas to keep people safe, however searching anyone even if they are not part of a protest is not a good thing, and officers need to use discretion in these cases.

The bill helps victims of crime in a big way, yet it puts a pin into our basic human rights something the government needed to avoid.

People have got upset at how the government slipped this through whilst everyone was focused on the senseless conflict in Ukraine, the way Labour played along like they did with Covid is a scandal in itself.

If we are not careful more draconian laws will be passed under the radar, our only hope is an opposition that cares about the many and not the few, an opposition leader who does not sit on the fence! and is on the ball, Labour Leader Keir Starmer is not the man to be Prime Minister and looking on social media it looks like his days are numbered.

You can view the full bill by clicking HERE