Two road closures in Timperely in Altrincham is set to cause more chaos on the roads soon.

Already many road closure signs have been put up on Park Road telling people that the road will be closed, although it’s being done in the evening and overnight this work will likely cause residents a sleepless night on May 19.

It is not clear at this time what work is being carried out although we know the number that has been seen on road closure signs is a crane company number so this could be something to do with the mobile phone masts at the back of Nelson House.

We are aware via TFGM’s GM roadworks website that work on those masts will commence at the start of next month for 6 days! and noted a road closure at that point.

Further down at the junction of Park Road and Manchester Road Vodafone are doing work which looks to be a mast installation as no mast is present in that area, the GM Roadworks website says the road will be closed for two weeks!

Mobile phone mast installations do not take two weeks, so this could be an error on the GM Roadworks website, still the same this is one to watch from August.