Some media are reporting a very small rise in monkey pox virus in the UK almost to the extent of making it out to be something concerning.

The truth is of course it is its nothing to be alarmed about, this is only a small outbreak and according to the NHS the risk of catching it is very low.

It seems at this time those that have the virus are homosexual men according to reports and no one else is at this time infected.

If you do catch it you will have fever type symptoms and in some cases end up with scabs, sometimes these scabs can be all over the body, within these scabs is the virus.

It takes from 2-4 weeks to be clear of the virus and is rarely fatal, it is expected those with existing medical conditions are more likely to have complications.

We suggest not to be concerned about the monkey pox virus thing and ignore the doomsday merchants in our MSM publications and those that scare you in the hope they get more followers on TikTok.