On this day 5-years ago it was a sunny evening in Trafford then local people reported hearing a strange bang that echoed from a North East direction.

News was sketchy, as people looked for information as to what had happened.

It was becoming clearer to people as the hours went by that a suicide terrorist blew up the foyer of Manchester Arena, it though was still unclear if anyone was injured.

TV channels added social media videos to the story showing utter chaos at the Manchester Arena where Ariana Grande was playing live to loads of children who with their parents were having a nice evening until the suicide bomber did his evil work.

Despite the chaotic scenes that night, the taxi drivers took people back home for free, these guys played a huge part in making sure who needed the help got it and so we salute all of them and they deserve recognition for the help they gave that night.

Later it was now known 22 people had died in the incident which rocked Manchester and the world as news filtered threw, Manchester went into a lockdown of its own, a mourning period began, grown men with tears streaming down the face said everything about this tragedy.

The strength of the Manchester people shone threw, almost everyone supported each other after this tragedy, we came together as one something we will never forget, this was a force to be reckoned with an inspiring thing! and the world noticed.

It was many months after, that it was known that some of the emergency services were taken by surprise by this incident and where it seems not on the same wavelength.

Before the Great Manchester Run today all of the runners stood together clapping for all those that died, many other events took place today to remember all those that died.

Whilst it has been a long time since this happened it touched the soul of every person young and old in Manchester, and we shall never forget those that died.