One of the goals of Trafford Labour was to be the party that protected the green belt yet this never applied to Partington.

They did good work with the former golf course in Urmston, a bit of green space on Crossford Bridge Playing Fields.

We are all aware about the increasing risk of the Timperley Wedge being reduced in the near future however it is Partington where the green belt has been chewed up most and Trafford Labour have done nothing to stop this.

With Partington councillor Aidan Williams waving goodbye as chair of planning he himself gave the green light on many of the housing developments in the area.

More housing development applications are waiting to be given the light of day where yet more huge housing developments are proposed including one on Central Road which will include a care home, we believe another mega sized housing development will be proposed on land opposite Cross Lane Park.

As farmers feel the pinch and decide to sell off land more housing developments and storage warehousing will be built around Partington in the coming years and no new additional infrastructure will be built leaving Partington in a desperate situation.

The Carrington Relief Road will not do much to alter the issues and the council has not yet found the money for this road yet! they are way off the total it’s going to cost! this and huge opposition if it ever becomes an application gives no real confidence it will ever be built.

Our green spaces are incredibly important to all of us! just if you live in Partington no one gives a damn, the very people those residents voted for, the same people who are only in position to help the few not the many.