Although the government have done a recent u-turn and hit the robbing energy companies in the pocket more things can be done to save money.

The simple solution is to buy yourself a huge capacity power bank! these cost no more than £30 from Amazon and would save you money on a long term basis.

One charge can give you power for three days at a time some go even further, they are portable so can be charged elsewhere to save even more money.

You can plug in anything that has a USB, of course charging up something that wants more power will decrease the power bank so we would stick to mobile phones, and gadgets like watches and drones.

We asked many people on the fly what they thought and 99% told us that they never even thought about buying a power bank and told us this is a great idea.

Anything that saves a bit of money for a one off payment of no more than £30 has to be a great idea, with the help from the government giving many people £650 and £400 towards energy bills including £300 for pensioners and £150 for disabled people on top of the £150/175 people already have from the council it will make the difference in the long run.

When buying a power bank make sure it has a high capacity over 250000 MAH we have seen one even with a solar panel on the device which would charge the device a little helping to save even more money long term.

You don’t want to be buying anything under 20000 MAH capacity as the lower that is the less power it will give back so typically something at 10000 MAH will give you three charges of a mobile phone and it will be dead, so make sure you get the right one.

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