Prime Minister Boris Johnson hangs on to power by the zipwire that once made him look like a complete idiot as MP’s go to the vote tonight to either keep him or kick him out.

Throughout his time as PM he has been saying one thing and not actually doing what he said he was going to do, a scruffy dirty blonde politician he with his own party has run this country to the ground.

Even during the pandemic it seemed he could not make his own mind up and left everything to ‘The science’ this was his downfall, he will have known how many of our elderly people died needlessly in care homes, the millions of pounds of public money that was given to dodgy PPE firms.

He must have known about the huge amount of suicides due to the possibility of being scared to death by what was going on around them and how the mental health services were just about the break, and the biggest of all he will have known all the statistics were not as bad as claimed, and no lockdown was needed.

He needed to have been brave and told Whitty and Valance that ‘if they did not tell the truth then they would never get anywhere near the government again‘, that would also include Professor Ferguson who needs to go back to learn maths again.

Boris also lied about Brexit! who remembers the £350m for the NHS on that red bus? all the fantasy about leaving the EU and look at us now!

Where are all the 40 hospitals he was going to build? We have not heard anything for over a year now!

He has his supporters though, of course we expect his puppets to support him more to keep hold of their jobs, some Tory voters still like the man and others, they may like his ways.

More problems though came for Boris as pictures emerged of him and his mates having a party during lockdown, he broke his own rules and on many occasions, just merely a petty fine should never be enough for this man.

What we think will sway the vote tonight for him to be booted out is the fact the Tories do not believe they will win the next General Election with him in charge.