We wanted to give you some reviews of the best takeaways here in Trafford that we have tried and tested, although we could not go to all of them the selection is from a wide area.

Dragon City in Sale has been around for decades, we have tested a few things and found everything to be of a high standard.

We tried Kung Po chicken with some chips, on another day we tried chicken fried rice and then chicken chow mein.

The kung Po was the best we have tasted so far, a sweet tomato taste with some spices to give it a bit of a kick, the vegetables were chunky and fresh and lots of it which made things even nicer, the chips were average at best.

Chicken fried rice was outstanding, marinated chicken at the top with fluffy non greasy rice with chopped onion and peas.

Chicken Chow Mein: same chicken as you get with the fried rice, the noodles underneath were average.

Dragon City has a 3 food hygiene rating, we found customer service to be of high standard and we give this establishment 5/5

Coppice Fish Bar Sale:

Kung Po chicken with chips, Fish and Chips with curry, Chicken fried rice was tested

Kung Po chicken was very nice although a little brighter than Dragon City and sweeter, the sauce was sightly thicker and a bit more spicy, the chicken was nice, we noted that the veg was tiny and not as much as Dragon City, the chips on the day of testing was outstanding.

Fish Chips and Curry, fish on the day looked like it came from a nearby canal than from the sea, the batter was not the best, chips were warm ups and some were brown and black, the curry was nice although too much salt.

Chicken fried rice comes in a huge container full of chicken and fried rice that is much more greasy than Dragon City, it did not have any chopped onion although from time to time we saw some spring onion bits, the rice was bland.

We found customer service was below average.

Coppice Fish Bar has got a 2 food hygiene rating, we give this establishment 3/5

Starbridge Timperley:

Tested chicken Donner kebab, Donner kebab and chips, pepperoni pizza and onion rings.

Chiken Donner kebab is very nice, it comes with a good salad and tasty naan bread, no grease on the kebab and makes for a good meal, the chips are average.

Donner kebab and chips, Donner meat is average, the strands are to wide and long, the chips as stated are average.

Pepperoni Pizza and onion rings, the pizza was well made, nice tomato base however the pizza tried had a small amount of cheese on it and the pepperoni tasted very salty and not very nice, the onion rings were barely average.

On another day we tried Chicken burger and chicken wings, both were disgusting, the batter on the chicken was caked in grease and was not tasty, the chicken tasted cheap and not real.

Starbridge has not yet been rated.

Customer service is poor, the manager and others find it hard to understand customers which could be a problem if someone has an intolerance, so far we have not seen anything about food intolerance in the store which is alarming.

We give Starbridge 3/5

Partington Fish Bar:

We tested fish and chips, chips and curry and sausage and chips,

The fish is expensive at this chippy however its value for money due to the size of it and its very nice, even the batter is nice, the chips can be hit and miss.

Chips and curry is very nice, the chippy has two types of curry which is unusual, both are nice.

Sausage from the chippy is nice although not as brown as Coppice chippy, so looks a little under cooked, again the chips can be hit and miss, the pies are standard holland’s pies, we believe this chippy does not do rice although we did not ask for any at the time.

Partington Fish Bar has a 5 hygiene rating which is the highest score you can get.

Customer service is standard and we give the takeaway 4/5

We will be testing more establishments soon and will do another article giving you our honest reviews.