Hayfever is something lots of people have and can be eased with several medications and doing some things to protect yourself further.

This week the temperatures are set to climb and with it comes very high pollen levels, if you have hayfever and no medication we suggest you find some as soon as you can.

Antihistamines relieve the sneezing and runny noses, it can help itchy eyes and lets you get on with your day, you can also help a little by wearing wraparound glasses to keep pollen out of your eyes.

The most popular over the counter drugs are Clarytin and Cetiriizine and are fairly cheap or you can get some from the GP for free.

Bring with you some wet wipes to clean any pollen on your nose from time to time.

If you have asthma it is very important to bring with you an inhaler if going out during the hotter days, always have a cool drink with you at all times.

Hayfever is actually a caused because the body does not recognise pollen, once its up the nose the immune system kicks in and try’s hard to get rid of the invader and that is why your nose starts running and you sneeze.