A memorial service will be held at St Paul’s church in Sale on Sunday 19 June to remember those that died in war where the UK took back the island from Argentina in 1982.

The conflict lasted 74 days in which the UK lost 255 men and the Argentine military lost 696 soldiers, it is claimed 3 residents also died during the conflict.

Mayor of Trafford Chris Boyes will be in attendance along with Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham along with other people in the political world alongside those that came home from the war.

Cllr Boyes said: “It will be a privilege to represent our borough at this memorial service. It is important that we pay tribute to those who lost their lives during the conflict, to those who still suffer as a result of the war, and also to honour all our Armed Forces for the service they provide in keeping our country safe.”

Following the service, a parade will take place from St Paul’s to the War Memorial, where there will be an Act of Remembrance and wreath laying, led by the Rev Rebecca Mathew.

Cllr Boyes added: “As part of the Council’s Armed Services Covenant, it’s important we honour the past so that we can maintain our promise to support the Armed Forces community working and residing in Trafford. We must recognise and remember the sacrifices made by members of this Armed Forces community, particularly those who have given the most.”

Timetable of Commemoration of the Falklands 40th Anniversary – 19 June 2022

09:45 – Assemble at St Paul’s Church Sale

09:50 – Armed Forces and cadets to enter St Paul’s

10:00 – Service begins

11:00 – Service ends – Cadets & Armed Forces assemble in St Paul’s carpark

11:15 – March to Sale Town Hall

11:30 – Assemble outside Sale War Memorial

11:40 – Act of Remembrance & wreath laying led by the Rev Rebecca Mathew

11:50 – finish of Act of Remembrance

(Pic: Falkland Islands via Google Earth)