A consumer rights campaigner has launched a claim against iPhone makers Apple after he believes the Californian firm messed with the battery on older models through updates.

Justin Guttman is seeking millions from Apple and would mean even more claims will start rolling in if his claim is successful.

The list of phones affected are from iPhone 6 to the iPhone X (10) it is claimed that Apple released an update which screwed up many iPhones and almost killed the battery, we can add to this as correct since every update on an older phone means something will go wrong with it after a period of time.

One of our staff members tells us that he had an iPhone 5s and after an update the phone slowed down and the camera went faulty, he got another one and the same thing happened, other iPhones also had problems after an update.

It is hard to say why this is happening after an update, it could be ram (Random Access Memory) management that slows down the phone after an update, or something more sketchy, either way Apple won’t admit to it.

We look at the common sense part of what Apple could be doing, for example if they want people to buy a newer more expensive iPhone its easy to do, just get them to download what they think is an important update and bring with it something that screws it up! most people will get a replacement and so Apple get more money!

Apple has way too much control over the iPhone, and if this man wins his case could mean Apple will have to behave better and help people out by sending downloads that enhances battery life and ram management, and another thing they really should do is allow people who have downloaded a song to be able to transfer that song or album to wherever they want.

Apple are a mega sized tech business, and will have the best lawyers on the planet, it will be hard for the campaigner to win however it does throw open the doors to debate about how Apple behave and could in the end cost them dearly as people start to lose trust in them.

Apple will be releasing another new phone in September thought to be the iPhone 14 and it will come with iOS 16 which is also thought to be a complete change in what we have had all these years, the question is will older iPhone’s even if they are supported able to operate normally?

It might be that Apple need to look at pushing updates to older models separate to the newer ones this way everyone is happy.