When the Youth Centre on Moss Lane in Partington closed its doors because of funding issues the last bang of the door must have been hard to take.

The building just wasted away in its own dust and dwindling memories of better times until Ear4U came along and gave it some life again, Ear4U was actually a super idea and whilst it operated it helped many people who needed furniture and household items, a cafe was also created later on before it sadly had to close.

So the former Youth Centre was back in the dark again, and then suddenly out of the blue someone had the idea of bringing it back as a youth centre again, this time in a much bigger way, that vision is now a reality and the refurbished, refitted Youth Centre is now almost completed ready for the kids of Partington.

This has everyone here excited, it’s what Partington needed, a breath of fresh air in what are troubled times, this Youth Centre is going to be very successful for Partington.

The youth centre is not the only thing to come to Partington, we have shared pictures of the astro turf carpet for the 3G pitch at the sports centre which looks amazing, we believe another astro turf pitch is to be built although at this time no information is to hand as to where its going to be built.

More updates will be coming your way about the proposed refurbishment of the sports centre although we do not expect this to be anything spectacular.

To round it all of we hope that the adults are not forgotten in all of this and something is offered for them giving them somewhere to go in the area other than a social club that is in need of some refurbishments, although it cannot be extended due to a proposal for a care home and yet more flats that will come very close to the social club.

More interesting news about the Cadishead Viaduct coming soon! exciting times despite all the housing developments going up, the chewed up green belt that Trafford Labour are so proud about but forgot Partington!

Partington people can be just that bit happier that at last the council has remembered they actually do exist! and gave them something they will be proud about for years to come.